Durable Investment


Because we have realized that good governance, environmental and social performances, particularly the respect of workers’ rights, are essential components of our success and durability; we consequently had them permanently implemented in our enterprise’s strategy.

Sarl Chefa INGREDIENTS works to preserve and to ameliorate the good existent practices in matter of enterprise governance. Good governance has for effect to amend performances of enterprises and their access to finance, thereby stimulating sustainable economic growth, we were among the founding members of <<HAWKAMA EL DJAZAIR>> a unique project in its kind, which consists to found an association <<Algerian Corporate Governance>> The institute is the fruit of a shared conviction by different economic actors who consider that the development of good enterprise governance practices is a factor favoring competition and economic development. The institute is born out of a private and public initiative, in the service of the enterprise and its stakeholders, and that for economic performance. The aim of the institute is to promote principles of corporate governance, using information activities, training, consultancy and research.


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