Humanitarian investment

Social Solidarity And Action

The axis "Solidarity: Helping Hand" is a prime medium of action for the affirmation of citizenship Chefa INGREDIENTS, through the support of the most needy through charitable organizations that support social groups in precarious, recognized as fragile. We WILL work for:

It is a way for us to put into action our values of solidarity through our sincere commitment to bring:


  • The protection of children, women and the elderly.
  • Protection of children, peddlers on motorways and main roads.
  • Against violence against women, children and the elderly.
  • Protection and support for orphans especially in days of childhood feast, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
  • Aid and assistance to chronically ill (cancer, asthma, Down syndrome, diabetes ...).
  • Aid to families with low income or no resources.
  • The assistance of our fellow citizens of the Western Sahara, by providing food (milk and dried vegetables ...).
  • Aid to the people of Western Sahara, victims of Moroccan repression.

Chefa INGREDIENTS act by actions in favor of nature conservation and environmental protection by promoting projects related mainly to the following concerns:

  • Reforestation.
  • The fight against desertification.
  • The protection of catchment dam basins.
  • The Protection of beaches and coastlines.
  • The Protection of fauna and flora.
  • The decrease of greenhouse gases.

It is a way for us to put into action our values ​​of solidarity through our sincere commitment to bring:

  1. Logistical support to humanitarian organizations, contribution for procurement of food....

  2. Financial assistance to non-profit organizations the form of donations.


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